cơ sở vật chất

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Entertainment room has many Japanese decorations, small goods and colorful accessories, 5000 manga comic books on the wall.

Please enjoy drinking Japanese tea, chatting with friends, reading manga in this room with warm nostalgic atmosphere.

Relaxing, reading manga comic in your room is one way to spend your time in Kutsuroginoya Yuu. 

When you arrive, please relax at the lobby.

You will find many small decorations in this hotel.

Our staff and those goods will welcome guests.

Meals are served at the restaurants.

Please enjoy dining with your friends or somebody special at the restaurants that has wooden interior with warm atmosphere.


Maximum Capacity: 50 persons. 14 guest rooms.

4 different type of rooms

Entertainment Room with 5000 manga comic books.


Parking Lot: 2 buses 30 cars

Check-in: 3pm
Check-out: 10am