7 redenen om te blijven

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1. High Grade Hida Beef

We have confident that guest can enjoy our meal.

All "Hida beef" used at the hotel are carefully selected and used A4 or higher grade.
Hida beef with mellow texture can be fully enjoyed with yakiniku, shabu-shabu, steak, Sushi and so on, together with mountain vegetables of Okuhida.
Please enjoy a variety of dishes cooked by our chef.

2. Hot Springs, Directly from the Source (Kakenagashi)

Spring water coming directly from the source, guest can ejoy the Shin Hirayu hot spring of Okuhida Onsen surrounded by the scenic spot of the North Alps.
Surrounded by nature that changes every day from season to season such as spring to summer when leaves turns green, autumn leaves that turns red in the autumn and snowscape in winter.
Fountain quality called simple spring is gentle to the skin, this hot spring can be enjoyed with families from the child to the elderly safely, and also satisfy the person who prefer to bath for long hours.
Please enjoy the hot spring in a relax and quietly while watching the sky full of stars in the evening.

3. Cozy Atmosphere

We named our hotel  "Relaxing House" Yuu. We are thinking first that guest can relax.
There is not much around the hotel so you can spend time quietly and slowly.
Because there is not so much light around, you can look at the sky full of stars while immersing in the outdoor bath.
Please enjoy the luxury time that pass slowly while you do nothing at all.

4. Different Type of Rooms

Maisonette space on the first floor, "Maisonette room" with Japanese-style room with futon mat so that you can rest at any time on the second floor.
Two types of maisonette rooms of "Maisonette room with open-air bath" that you can enter hot springs whenever you like.
In addition, since we have a "Japanese style room with open-air bath" with a bed and a Japanese style room, it is available for wheelchair users as it is barrier-free.
"Japanese-style room" in the main building is a room that guest can feel nostalgic  atmosphere and offers at reasonable rates.
There are 14 rooms in total, and you can choose 4 types of rooms.

5.Kids Friendly

It can be tough to travel with small children.
Parents might reconsider their trip itself if they have small children, but we would
like them to enjoy their trip with their children.
We believe that if parents can enjoy their trip, their children can also have fun.
If children is happy, everyone around them will feel happy too.

6.Selected Interior

Lovely small items adorned in various places in the hall.
To make visitors feel the four seasons, we change items in the hall depending on the season, we welcome our customers with those items.
Items our manager gather from region, handmade  items and gifts from our guests.
We hope that finding favorite item becomes one of the thing our guest enjoy.

7.Good Location

You can go to many sightseeing spots in Kamikochi, Shinhotaka Ropeway, Norikura Skyline, Old Townscape of Takayama City within an hour.

Since the mountains show different faces  every season, you can enjoy  even if you have visited before in different season.